Our story

It is our pleasure to present to you our small and technologically advanced production located not far from Zagreb. In our assortment you will find a rich offer of first-class products without additives and dyes intended for HORECA professionals, whether it is a boarding offer or a la carte service, we guarantee you a top-quality product, ready quickly and always of consistent quality. Our products are the result of the work, and it is exactly what professionals like yourself need and for whom they are intended.

In the production process, we use mostly Croatian ingredients with special emphasis on production technology and simplicity of preparation. Every product of ours has been designed to give your guests an unforgettable experience of taste of high standard.

  • NOur own production
  • NQuick preparation
  • NOur own distribution network
  • NCroatian ingredients
  • NHomemade production
  • NExquisite taste

Let us help together

As food producers, we understand social responsibility as a company but also as individuals within it. About 400 tons of food is thrown away in Croatia every year, but still there is not enough of it for the neediest among us.

For this reason, FLUXUS HORECA FOOD FACTORY regularly donates its products through the Croatian Caritas organization.

By working together with us, you make an immeasurable contribution to helping those in need.