Pizza Oven

The FLUXUS company offers a professional electrical bread/pizza oven with microprocessor steering with superior properties (stability of temperature regardless of the burdening and unseen baking power) – all together 12.6 Kw, peak power only 6.6 Kw – independent of the amount of load (3 pieces with 32 cm in diameter or two pieces of maxi pizza cut simultaneously, without a break between baking rounds in the simulation of a real bread oven without the need to turn the pizza.

The oven comes with a cabinet for separate installation where it is possible to choose between two programmes.

Programme one – pre-baked products, and programme two – raw baked products

The control cabinet contains all semiconductor energy and microprocessor automation, which enables programmed automatic ignition/shutdown, adjustment of the baking load and voltage oscillation, and stable baking temperature depending on the load.

The oven is available in two dimensions*:​
small 680x685x425mm and big 905x811x445mm
*installation space is 50 to 100 mm larger than the measurements.

Connection required:
3×230,50Hz;16A(Pmax=6,6kW) or 1x230V,50Hz;35A(Pmax=6,6kW)

Our pizzas and other products can be prepared in every pizza oven regardless of the producer with a note that our oven has been designed and produced for larger amounts of baked products without the need for professional labour.